26 Feb 2023

I was watching a movie and the plot was the same as most movies. The entire plot was based on misunderstanding because no one wants to speak honestly about the problem(s) they are facing. Thus, [...]

19 Feb 2023

The latest favour of the month is the Turkey and Syria earthquake. Everyday the news bombarded everybody about the death tolls and the plight of the people there. Many people in Singapore, [...]

12 Feb 2023

A staff member brought the entire staff to a hawker centre to introduce us to some “very delicious food”. So, we went. Much to my (me only) horror, the queue was very long and the wait time was [...]

05 Feb 2023

It was a sobering day. Just out of habit, I took the desk calendar and flip the page from January to February. Suddenly it hit me that another month had just passed. It didn’t seem too long ago [...]

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