26 Mar 2023

I walked past a shop and saw a box of medical masks for sale. It was “literally” a fire-house sale, downright throwing away price. Yet, no one bothers. I remembered how much it used to cost just [...]

19 Mar 2023

Coming out of the train, I headed for the escalator as everybody else. Everyone was rushing for one of the two escalators and the queue became very long. I was about to join the queue when I saw [...]

12 Mar 2023

Of late there are many discussions about Same Sex Attractions and how the church should respond. There are various positions and they directly contradict each other. So, what should we do? How do [...]

05 Mar 2023

A few of us were looking at a stretch of water. On the surface it looked absolute tranquil. It was so peaceful and calming. It made some of them want to jump in and swim a little. As a person [...]

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