28 May 2023

A lady was advising me to not eat more than two eggs per week. She cited her doctor, supposedly a consultant, for advising that. I eat more than 20 eggs per week. I ignored her ill-informed [...]

21 May 2023

I was getting rather discouraged about the situation of the world as I read more reports from the news media. The very loud minorities shouting their anti-society, anti-God types of messages. The [...]

14 May 2023

The recent Bud Light (a beer brand) boycott was a reality check for the “woke” supporters in the US. The US had caused a lot of controversies, both within and without, by their advocacy of [...]

07 May 2023

A motorcyclist was riding precariously near the blind spot of my car. I slowed down to let him pass. He went on ahead and continued to weave in and out of traffic dangerously. I must admit that I [...]

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