25 Jun 2023

The passengers had just alighted the train and headed for the escalator to exit the station. It was a long queue at the bottom of the escalator. A little girl told her grandmother to join the [...]

18 Jun 2023

A very active Christian in church went for a staycation in an expensive hotel. In many aspects, this person was respected in the church as a ‘emerging’ model Christian. Then a very sad incident [...]

11 Jun 2023

Elon Musk, one of present time greatest entrepreneur, gave an exclusive interview to a news reporter. The background to this was that he sent messages on some of his views on several issues via [...]

4 Jun 2023

I must admit that I love to watch Thai advertisements. They are really creative and even educational at times. The recent one that I watched was about a landlady and her “unreasonable” actions [...]

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