30 Jul 2023

A young friend of mine talked to me about some criticisms that he received. He was visibly disturbed by them but he wanted to do the right thing. So, he asked what would I do if I am in his [...]

23 Jul 2023

I came across a particular type of diet recently. The diet also opened a can of worms regarding some commonly assumed understanding of certain drugs and nutrients that cause certain diseases. So, [...]

16 July 2023

A boy saved an entire bus of school children because he did not have a mobile phone. While on the way home, the bus driver suddenly fainted and remained motionless. The bus was without control. [...]

9 July 2023

A son asked his father a question. “Three frogs were sitting by the pond. One frog decided to jump into the pond. How many frogs were left at the side of the pond?” The father replied: “Two.” [...]

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