1 Oct 2023

I was in the MRT this morning. In the first train, before I change to another, a young lady walked in with her backpack on her back. The small pouch on the back pack was not zipped up and all the [...]

24 Sep 2023

Enroute to the train station, I passed by a multi-purpose void deck. Two boys were kicking their football around the area, bouncing off the walls and leaving ball marks on them. The irony was [...]

17 Sep 2023

I was walking past a Chateraise outlet and was attracted to the whole array of cakes and desserts. I mean who wouldn’t. They were colourful, beautiful, and looked sumptuous. Many of the pastries [...]

10 Sep 2023

交通灯坏了! (以赛亚书 11:3) 我来到交通灯前等着过马路,随手按了行人灯的按钮。灯不亮,原来灯坏了。于是,我仍继续站在行人灯旁边等着。 [...]

03 Sep 2023

Another major event in Singapore had just been concluded. We had just elected our fifth elected president (9th president of Singapore). Another agenda in Singapore was completed and life moves [...]

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