21 Aug 2022

While waiting to cross the road, a pretty young thing walked to my side. She was also waiting to cross the road. Next thing I saw was smoke coming out of her mouth, but she did not have a cigarette. Then I saw hidden under the jacket on her hand was a vaping device. Ah, she was vaping (electronic cigarette); a habit that is more deadly than smoking. More nicotine enters the lungs and known to be many times more harmful than conventional cigarette smoking. It causes you to age much faster. I wonder if this young girl knows that!

More information and research are available to us now than ever before. We are at the age where we should know better. What’s good or bad is literally at our fingers, courtesy of ‘google.’ We can search and read, almost on the spot, on any subject that we want to know. And “Knowledge is Power.” Yet, there are still people who abuse drugs, smoking, and participate in other vices. Does that mean that knowledge does not save us? It is more likely the ignoring of knowledge that’s the culprit.

Did Adam not know of the consequence of eating the forbidden fruit? He did but ate anyway, thus plunging the entire humanity into perdition. So, knowledge is not power. The proper use of knowledge is power.

The sinful nature of humanity is a very powerful force that causes us to do what is wrong rather than what is right. The devil will always ‘sweeten’ the deal and make it really easy for us to sin against God. You may want to say that smoking is not sin. Well, maybe you are right but hurting your body like so is painful for our loving Father in heaven. And when the harmful effect of smoking is fully manifested, then the sick person always blames God for the illness. Did he or she not think that will happen?

Brothers and sisters, the road to perdition is paved with good intentions, and may I add, with many wrong assumptions. Better to listen to God’s word and take the narrow door to heaven, than to walk the broad way and end up in hell. Follow God and follow well.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong




人类的罪性是非常强大的力量,足以让我们去作错的事过于对的事。 魔鬼常常会“甜化”整件事,让我们更轻易的得罪上帝。你可能会说抽烟不是罪。好吧,或许你是对的,但是伤害你的身体会让慈爱天父心疼。此外,当抽烟的恶劣后果完全显露出来的时候,生病的人就会因为病痛而埋怨上帝。难道他或她不曾想过这些会发生吗?



Barry Leong

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