22 Jan 2023

A lady driver was looking at the warning signals on her car’s dashboard. It indicated that the car tyres are having serious problem. Instead of checking the tyres, the driver decided to continue driving the car. Her reasoning was that the sensors could be faulty. So, she went on happily to fetch four other passengers and went about their chores in the car. When she got back home later in the evening, she told the family about the “faulty” sensors. A family member went to check out the tyres and realized that the tyres were badly damaged. He went on to have them replaced.

Are we so careless as to be oblivious to the warning signals around us? We “ignore” them because we felt that we know better. Big mistakes come from ignoring the ‘insignificant’ warning signs. I really cannot comprehend how difficult it is to have a look when a warning comes on? The best thing to do is to stop and take a quick assessment before proceeding. Much grief can be sidestepped by paying a little attention. Yet, it seems so difficult. Most accidents happened because people choose to ignore the simple procedures to prevent them.

Jesus warned us about the end times. We are to look out as the signs present themselves. It is for us to do whatever possible to keep ourselves from losing our salvation. Scripture teaches us that the situation can be so bad that God had to cut short those times, otherwise none will be saved. So, do not take it lightly. Do not ignore the warnings.

It is vital for all of us to take our spiritual life seriously. It had to be nurtured and cared for. It is through long and arduous discipline that we develop a strong spiritual life. Even then, we have to be cautious. Even a strong athlete has no guarantee that he will not fail.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, I am no alarmist. At the most I am a voice crying in the desert. All I can hope for is that none will be lost to the world for carelessness about salvation. Do not be distracted by the busyness of the little screen in front of you. Be aware of the dangers of the surrounding environment. Stay safe.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong


我们是否也如此粗心大意,以致无视于我们周围的警告讯号?我们是否以为自己懂得更多,以致“忽略”了它们?忽视“微不足道”的警告讯号足以造成极大的错误。我实在无法理解查看显示的警告讯号到底有多困难?最好是即刻停下,快速作一个评估,然后才继续行程。 多一点的关注可以避免更多悲剧的发生。然而,这看起来好像是很困难的事。大多数的意外发生是因为人们忽视了预防意外的简单步骤。





Barry Leong

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