23 Jul 2023

I came across a particular type of diet recently. The diet also opened a can of worms regarding some commonly assumed understanding of certain drugs and nutrients that cause certain diseases. So, I spoke to some medical professionals and realized how closed up their minds are. They rejected the hypothesis outright without even giving it a second look. When I presented to them the statistics that questioned their present standing, they merely ignored them. Frankly, I am beginning to lose much confidence on the medical profession today; are they more interested in making more money or healing patients?

The question for us to ponder is not who or what is right or wrong. It is important for us to “question” all the premises and make conclusions as best as we can with as much data as possible. Just living on “as it was in the beginning, is now and will be forever” thinking will trap our minds in a closed loop. There will be no checking of facts, no changing of ways. One will live on whatever truths or lies that they are fed with.

There was a time when medical professionals advocate that people should not eat more than two eggs per week. Then it was changed to okay to do so if you are exercising. All these times, people were eating much more eggs than “recommended” without problem but in fact benefitted from eating them. Till today, there are still people who think that eggs are not good for their health.

The other thinking is “eat in moderation.” If something is bad for you, it should be eradicated totally and not eat in moderation. This phrase is a “get out of jail” clause for many people who refused to think.

Brothers and sisters, be careful of everything that are fed to you – body, mind and soul. You should, at the very least, do some proper thinking over them before taking them in hook, line and sinker. The bible tells us that in the end times, people will only want to hear whatever tickles their ears. Let the truth free you. Seek the truth, read the bible.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong







Barry Leong

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