23 Oct 2022

There was a time we seek to have pen pals. You write a letter, post it and wait for the reply (sometimes for a long time before you get one). The excitement of receiving a letter was beyond words. And it was likely that you will read the letter many times over, to enjoy the feeling again and again. That was also how we get to know each other over a long distance. We call such a system snail mail nowadays. The only letters we receive now are mostly bills and official corporate notifications. An old man mentioned cheekily while standing beside his letterbox that he should rename it to “bill-box”, as those were the only correspondences coming to him.

Fast forward, technology today had “shortened” the distance and time that we get to know one another. You send a message, through any of the social media platforms, and you expect to receive a reply almost immediately. If not, you send another mail to “chase” for a reply. Search through the “postings” in the social media platforms, like Facebook or Instagram, and you can almost create a profile of someone you had never met in your life once. Now, you may even think that he or she had been your friend a lifetime ago.

People hardly talk over the phone too. We used to complain about our relations using the phone for too long, “cooking telephone porridge” as it was termed. Something that a very quick phone call can settle, end up spending much effort over messaging.

So, I really do not know if technology had made any real progress. It had alienated people, for that I am very sure. There are much less meaningful interactions and relationships among people who matters. We “know a lot and don’t know a lot” if you know what I mean.

Brothers and sisters, I pray that you will get to know the people around you in a real and meaningful way, not via messages or postings. But in a way that’s full of flesh and blood. Also, do know our Lord in the most intimate way and not only via YouTube videos.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong







Barry Leong

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