24 Jul 2022

Every other month an organisation will come to my neighbourhood to collect old items for recycling. I did not participate in it thus far although it was as easy as putting them just outside your house, no forms to fill whatsoever. Last week I decided to clear out a few shirts that I think I will not be using anymore – okay I outgrown them. So, I took out one and soon enough many more came out of the cupboard. I was not really aware of the number of clothing that were no longer useful to me. They were in quite good conditions and so I packed them and left them out for recycling. My cupboard was now cleared of clutter, and I feel good. Little did I realised that an extra shirt here and there built up to many over time. Most time I was just thinking that it was just one shirt, but one shirt times X is X numbers of shirts. They take up space. Shirt is just an example of the things we amass.

There will always be things that clutter up our lives. They may be material things that we had collected over the years and left at a corner in the house unnoticed after the initial euphoria subsided. Or memories lying and gathering dust in a corner of our mind, appearing once in a long while either to haunt us or to bring a quick smile. There may be regrets that pop up often enough to make our lives miserable, even for a little while.

It is vital for us to ‘de-clutter’ them once in a while. Accumulation of such things or memories, either good or bad, will eventually weigh you down. It will become difficult to move forward when there are so many things that weigh us down. They will affect our decision-making processes, and hopefully for the better.

It is not easy to de-clutter but de-clutter we must. Our hearts are tugged by some of the things (memories) we keep. We will always be giving reasons to keep them, just a little while more. Well, the time is now and not later. If we need to be ruthless with ourselves, then let us learn to be.

God want us to live a life of freedom. Live free and live well my dear brothers and sisters.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong







Barry Leong

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