25 Dec 2022

Blessed Christmas to all of you. Christmas is ranked by many as the happiest holiday of the year. The lights and presents add to the festive mood of the yuletide season. People celebrate it regardless if they are Christians or not. It seems to be a holiday for all, and not restricted to anyone. Yes, it is indeed a joyous occasion.

But do we really know why it is such a joyous occasion? To be fair, it is in the midst of winter. In where we are, it is during the wet season. Is it not supposed to be dark and gloomy? Yet Christmas brings such joy to people that they consider it special enough to be the happiest holiday of the year.

Is it because of the presents that people receive during Christmas? Or is it due to the lights and decorations that light up the dark and gloomy weather? Has it got anything to do with the big fat man in the red outfit? NO! All of these are not the reason. The lights and presents are there because of the REAL reason.

The real reason for Christmas is the first coming of Jesus Christ, the Word becomes flesh. He had come into the world in order that man can be saved and to have eternal life. Human beings are unable to save ourselves from the tyranny of sin. Without Jesus Christ, we are doomed for eternal death. So, His coming into the world is wonderful news for us. He is the light that had entered darkness and to conquer darkness. That is why we celebrate with great joy. The presents and everything else is but peripherals to the real joy of having Jesus Christ. He is here for the entire mankind. That is why everybody has a strange feeling of unspeakable joy when it comes to Christmas. It is beyond words.

Brothers and sisters, when we celebrate Christmas let us also bring the greatest joy to those who has yet to believe the saviour Jesus Christ. Let no one take away the real reason for Christmas, Jesus Christ.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong







Barry Leong

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