25 Feb 2024

A friend of mine was lamenting at the fleeting moment of the beautiful setting sun. A moment of glorious terrestrial wonder gone very quickly, and we entered the dark night. Another friend wisely added that we should not lament on such but to be thankful for the chance to see such a wonderful sight. Just like the saying goes: “Don’t be sad that it is gone but rejoice that it happened.”

Many of us fail to enjoy the presence of our loved ones when they are around. Some even spent the entire time complaining about them. All these will continue until the day someone passes away. Then all the ‘missing them’ and regrets start to flow. Is that how we want to go through life in an endless cycle of grumpy comments and regrets?

I am sure we do not want to. We want to be able to enjoy all the moments of goodness and beauty. Well, we must learn to appreciate the times of difficulties. They are what make us stronger and grateful for the good times. Of course, may the Lord be kind to us to meet with more good times than bad.

We live in an evil world. Many things are not as clear cut as before. What seems to be a malevolent act may yet be a malicious one. Evil has learned to disguise itself better in a materialistic world obsessed with pleasure for self. Dying to self and treating others as more significant would be a rare commodity today. Yet it is what we should be doing.

We speak of how we follow Christ; how much we love Him and wants to be like our Lord. Well, words are all we have. To put them into action seems like a fool’s doing.

Brothers and sisters, do not be too sure that many will meet again in heaven. There are many pitfalls in the journey of faith, and we have to be aware of them. Do not gain what is temporary in this world and lose what is eternal in the world to come. Live and live well. May we all have a sure reunion date in heaven.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong








Barry Leong

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