25 Jun 2023

The passengers had just alighted the train and headed for the escalator to exit the station. It was a long queue at the bottom of the escalator. A little girl told her grandmother to join the queue, as any good Singaporean would do. The grandmother, however, wanted to jump queue. The little girl was quite adamant on queuing. The grandmother (not really old) told her that she need not queue as she was old. The girl told her to queue regardless. The girl did right and the ‘old’ lady was just another example of the ‘entitled group’ of people.

I believe that society in general is kind towards those who are less advantaged. Many are willing to give way to them. Some amount of priority is given to them, like priority seats in buses / trains. But such should be taken with gratefulness and grace. It should not be taken for granted. Anyone giving his seat to you is his grace towards you. Not giving it to you is his right. So, I really hope that we, as Christians, should learn to be thankful when grace is extended to us.

Do not at any time think that being thankful is natural. It is not. It is deliberate. Many mouth thankfulness but most times never quite meant it. Consider the awkward silence when an opportunity to give thanks to God during prayer meetings or gatherings. If thankfulness comes naturally, people will be rushing to do so, not waiting for the leader to move on to the next item.

Learning to be thankful helps us learn to trust God more. Knowing constantly what He does and cares for us enables us to be more intimate with Him. We can then look at the upheavals in life with a cool calm manner as we know who is really in charge. More importantly, knowing that He loves us.

Brothers and sisters, do not neglect counting your blessings. Give thanks to God for them constantly. Then and only then can we live a fulfilled blessed life.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong







Barry Leong

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