25 Sep 2022

Recent news reported a young doctor sentenced to jail and had his license as a doctor terminated because of taking 3200 underskirt photos. Apparently, he was arrested three times for such offences. He was supposed to be a person of learning, considering that he was a doctor. We asked ourselves the question’ “What was he thinking?”

Of course, the lawyers and some others will attribute it to mental illness or stress; typical western way of thinking. The way to do it is to commit a crime, attribute it to mental illness and get away with punishment.

The failure to recognise sin as sin is a very dangerous trend in the world today, especially advocated by the westerners. They will blame the sinful acts on medical, mental, and social reasons. All the blame on the person committing the crime is to be taken out. A person kills his schoolmates – it’s because he or she is under extreme stress from work. People abusing drugs, they are too stressed. They will blame everything except themselves.

It is time to call sin as sin. It is time for people to take personal responsibilities for their failure. Stop blaming it on society, medical or mental. It is just like students who refuse to study / revise and blame their teachers and take poor results on the examination being too difficult. A Cantonese saying goes like this: “One is unable to defecate because the toilet is too new!” Blame it on everything that can be blamed except yourself.

When we start to look at God and start taking personal responsibility for the things we do, then we will realise that the problems of the world are caused by the culmination effect of people’s refusal to admit to their sins. A country, like US, trying to teach other countries about human rights? When they have terrible human rights record themselves? Start to look at the man in the mirror and change. Then the world change.

Brothers and sisters, at the end we will answer to God for all that we have done. There will be no attorney arguing that you are mentally disturbed or socially bruised. There is only Jesus washing away our sins provided that we start to take personal responsibilities – admit our sins, accept Jesus as Savior and start changing our lives. Make the change today.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong




现在是时候称罪恶为罪恶。也是时候让人为自己的失败自行承担责任。停止归咎于社会、医药或精神。这就如拒绝读书/复习的学生,责怪他们的老师,并因为成绩差而认为是考试太难。有一句粤语是这么说的, “一个人因为厕所太新而无法排泄!”把一切都归咎在所有的事物上,除了自己。


弟兄姐妹,最终我们都必须为自己所作的一切向上帝交代。到时就不能再辩护你是不是精神受困扰或被社会伤害。当我们愿意开始担负个人的责任,唯有主耶稣可以洗净我们的罪— 承认我们的罪、接受耶稣为救主并开始改变生命。今天就作出改变!


Barry Leong

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