26 Feb 2023

I was watching a movie and the plot was the same as most movies. The entire plot was based on misunderstanding because no one wants to speak honestly about the problem(s) they are facing. Thus, there was mistrust due to misunderstanding because of lack of knowledge of facts. Then a lot of pain ensues. Finally, everything was resolved because the truth was made known. Why go through all those unnecessary pains when it could be avoided by honest and clear communication?

Why are there difficulties in telling people around you the truth(s)? One of the reasons is “face” – the fear of embarrassment of self. (Incidentally, the Asians are the most affected by this). A person stop-short of speaking because it might cause others to chide you or avoid you. People who are popular are unlikely to say the things that others need to hear. They will say nice and soothing things; but harsh truths are to be avoided. Some times things are not said because the people around you ‘advice’ you not to say. It is not going to be accepted, they say. You will be disliked, they say. Hearing too much of such will make you a man with no views of your own.

The devil thrives on the fact that people do not want to say things truthfully to each other. It uses this fact to cause doubt among each another. Chaos and disunity follow, and the winner is the devil.

We need to speak the truth and nothing but the truth. Be not afraid to do so for it may be painful for a while, but the final result is freedom from misunderstanding and bondage.

We want to be able to communicate in a truthful way but also in a sensitive way. Never want to hide but also never out to hurt others. It is not easy to do so and needs great wisdom. All said, we must also be able to accept truths being told to us. Not accepting truth is also bad. It is good to clarify and to come to grips with the issue than to hide from it.

May the Lord help us to speak the truth and also to accept them accordingly.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong

我曾观赏一部电影,其中的剧情与大部份的电影相似。整套剧情是讲述人因为不愿意坦诚分享自己所面对的问题而产生误会。于是,缺乏对事实的认知,就造成因为误会而引起的不信任,随即更引发许多的痛楚。最后,当事实被揭露 ,所有的事都化解了。如果事先可以进行坦诚和清晰的沟通,为什么要经历那些不必要的痛苦呢?







Barry Leong

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