26 Jul 2020

Dear family in Christ

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic situation, diocesan bishop Rennis has granted special dispensation for ONLINE Holy Communion to be celebrated for the period 2 August to 31 October 2020.

For those who may have missed bishop’s teaching on this important matter, pls access this diocese weblink  https://www.anglican.org.sg/events/single/diocesan-online-communion-service  and watch the following videos:
a. Teaching video by bishop Rennis – “Do this in Remembrance of Me: Holy Communion during Covid-19 times
b. Demonstration video on “Preparing for Online Communion service

Online Holy Communion Service will have the following good controls:

  1. It will be led by a Priest.
  2. A congregation is ‘present & connected’ by remote means, who will partake of the breaking of bread together.
  3. It will be a simultaneous breaking of bread by the Priest, individuals or households, and small groups.
  4. There will be a suitably designed liturgy.
  5. There will be due preparation for reverent participation.

There will be no St John’s Chapel services for the weekend of 1-2 August. The whole diocese will be gathered together for the combined Online Holy Communion service on 2 August, Sunday at 10.30 am, led by bishop Rennis and bishop-designate Titus. Pls access this livestreaming link  https://bit.ly/DOS2Aug

In our preparations for this sacred time on 2 August and also subsequent parish online communion, you will need to prepare the following at home before the service starts: (1) Bread on a clean tray/plate; (2) Wine (or juice) in a clean glass/cup. All consecrated bread and wine (juice) will need to be fully consumed at the end of the service.

Let us draw near to the Lord’s table with reverence and fear of the Lord. Let us come with faith and repentant hearts to renew our covenant and experience the Lord’s presence.

Pastor John

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