26 Jun 2022

During breakfast one morning, a piece of grain fell to the ground. I decided to pick it up after breakfast. After a while, I looked and found that the grain was filled with ants and many more coming towards it. The floor was very clean and void of ants before that grain fell to the ground. How they appeared out of nowhere in such a short time was baffling and amazing. My belief was that the ants were constantly on the lookout for food to gather. And the immediate action when food was found deserves a standing ovation.

I wonder if we are constantly looking out for the coming of Christ. Everyday do we check our lives, make changes to live better lives and be a better person. Do we read the bible to know more about God? Do we observe the world and the changes in it, no matter how subtle and inconspicuous? Are we too complacent? There is always tomorrow to change, no rush. Is that how we are thinking?

Even when we know intellectually and emotionally, do we take immediate action to do something about it? Or waiting and let someone else do it are the orders of the day. There will always be someone else doing it. Well, the easiest way for evil to proliferate is for good men to do nothing.

Work while it is still day for night is coming. Stay alert and dressed for action. These are the teachings in the bible about our duties and watching out for the Lord’s coming. We must not lax and become like the five foolish virgins, not prepared for the coming of the master. It resulted in being locked out in the place of darkness and gnashing of teeth.

Let us learn to jump into action as quickly as possible. The world is fighting back against the rule of God. In all kind of ways – violence, sex and promiscuity, idol worship – they are fighting back. It is not for us to miss out the signs and stay complacent. It is time for us to stand up and be counted for the kingdom of God. Stand up Christian soldiers and lift the banner of Christ high.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong







Barry Leong

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