26 Mar 2023

I walked past a shop and saw a box of medical masks for sale. It was “literally” a fire-house sale, downright throwing away price. Yet, no one bothers. I remembered how much it used to cost just to buy some. The government had to give the people free of charge to defray the cost of wearing masks. At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the government had to ‘encourage’ people to wear masks when they are out and about. Then it is mandated or else you will be breaking the law. The amount of grumbling was very loud from many sectors. After a little while, people got used to it. Now, it is DORSCON Green. There is no need to wear masks anymore. Yet there are some (I am not criticizing) who saw it fit to wear. I am fine with that. What is not fine by me is their judgmental glare at anyone not wearing a mask.

Human beings love to think they are the only one who knows. They will spend no time casting scorn of others who disagree with them. Well, too many issues. Let me just narrow it a little to our belief. Some will go on whatever social media talks and influences and believe that the world should be such. The confusion of Catholicism with Christianity is a clear example. They seem similar but are vastly different. Yes, we both believe in Jesus Christ, but Christians do not believe in Mary nor the Pope having the status of Jesus Christ. Taking beliefs from different religions and putting it into understanding Christianity will cause much confusion and misunderstandings. Lemongrass is not same as lemon, not even close.

Unless you are willing to take the effort and plough through the study of the bible, do not try to speak like an expert. Be humble in our learning of the scripture. Live out what we know and search for clear understanding in what we don’t. There are practices that are more of culture or tradition than scriptural. Do not mix the two. Christianity use to flourish in the West but never at any moment equate it as a West religion. The West believes less in Jesus Christ than you would imagine. Christ is for all and it is not western.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong





Barry Leong

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