27 Aug 2023

I was at the ever-popular bookstore browsing through books and stationery. Then I came across year planners, planners for 2024 to be exact. I used to buy these for my church staff every year in the past. The advent of schedulers in phones had superseded such a practice. Nevertheless, I took one up to look at the cost of the planner. There was no change to the price adjusted for inflation. Hmmm, seems like nothing had changed much.

No, much had changed. Many had moved on from paper to digital means. Events need only be entered once and it repeats automatically for you as per instructions Colour coding and tagging are easily done. Amendments do not leave unsightly marks behind. Space to record any data is literally unlimited. Not to mentioned that you can keep years of data without adding to the bulk. The ability to link to other information, like maps or pictures, is an invaluable feature. Furthermore, it can be synchronised to many different platforms and you can have your schedule with you all the time, information at the touch of your finger. How convenient!

Sadly, a good time management tool does not guarantee good time management. The willingness to update the calendar is an arduous task. When information comes in fast and furious through all kinds of platforms – emails, messaging apps, verbal invites or reminders – updating the calendar is not as easy as thought to be.

The next issue is looking up the schedule and follow them. That is another set of problem depending on the personality of the person. And you do have other factors like people not respecting your concept of time-keeping. Or, letting your time be taken away because of unnecessary messages, videos or podcasts. Yes, there are many things to consider for good time management.

Well, brothers and sisters in Christ, keeping your life well organised will need discipline. Consider the time that you have. It is not as much as you would like to think. Use it wisely to build relationship with God and people.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong







Barry Leong

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