27 Mar 2022

Dear church family

A few weeks ago, someone texted me this poster message which made me laughed aloud – “If you don’t have friends who have Covid, that means you have no friends.” It is a sad reality currently that people around our social circles have been infected with Covid or are close contacts … family members, house neighbours, work colleagues, school classmates, church mates, good friends, etc.

Our Daily Bread (ODB) Ministries has put together some Bible-reading resources and devotionals to help those who may have been infected with Covid or have loved ones and friends who were infected. There is even a practical section to help parents plan some activities for their children under isolation with Covid.

Please access this weblink for the resources.  https://odb.sg/covid-recovery-pack/

Below is a message taken from the ODB website:

Quarantined? In Isolation? Whether you’re at home or in a quarantine facility, being isolated is tough. Worry, frustration, loneliness, claustrophobia, boredom . . . you may find yourself going through all these emotions over the next few days. And, if you’re taking care of a child who needs to be isolated, your challenges will probably multiply. Not only will you have to cope with your own emotions, but you may also be worrying about how to keep a bored, hyperactive child occupied.

How can you turn to God in such a challenging time? How can you find comfort and strength in His Word? In our “Covid Recovery Pack”, you’ll find specially-chosen resources to help you stay close to God and draw on His strength and patience over the next few days.

May God’s abiding Word be your source of strength and comfort, and also to those whom you know, on the road to a full recovery.

Pastor John

Timeline plan for AGM 2022

Date Task / Event
13 to 29 March Nomination period for PCC  (closes on 29 March)
5 April,
Notice of AGM + Annual report + Proxy form  (Email/post to Electoral Roll members)
13 April,
Due date for Submission of questions & clarifications and Registration for Townhall meeting
17 April,
Sunday, 3 pm
Townhall meeting Q&A  (webinar)
20 April,
Due date to submit proxy form by 12 noon and registration for AGM (webinar)
24 April,
Sunday, 3 pm
AGM  (webinar)

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