27 Sep 2020

Dear family in Christ

In recent weeks, the whole diocese has joined together in common prayer for Bishop-designate Titus Chung. We are now going into the third diocesan prayer wave with the focus on the Lord sending His Holy Spirit to anoint BpD Titus to continue the work of renewal in the parishes and in the lives of God’s people in love, truth, wisdom and unity.

  1. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide and lead the Church of Jesus Christ to be faithful to Christ through the servant-leadership of our new bishop.
  2. May the Holy Spirit grant BpD Titus every wisdom in guarding biblical doctrines and every grace to grow in Christlikeness of love, compassion and mercy.
  3. Pray for BpD Titus to be renewed in deeper faith in God and reliance on God’s Word, and having a true shepherd’s heart in caring for the flock of Christ.
  4. May God keep BpD Titus and his family (wife Connie and sons Theodore and Thaddeus) under His loving wings always.
  5. Pray for God to make our diocese one in Christ as BpD Titus leads the Diocese into greater unity in a loving community with a clear vision and mission to do the will of God.

Pastor John

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