28 Feb 2021

Dear family in Christ

In this season of Lent, we seek to realign our life and priorities to the will of God. As we focus on our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and walk the Calvary Road, let us draw nearer to our Abba Father in personal relationship and grow in Christlikeness.

Let us consider the following practical ways to grow in Christlikeness:  

In relation to GOD:

  • Abstain from dwelling in sorrow; Experience the joy of God’s presence.
  • Abstain from hiding in sin and darkness; Walk in the freedom and light of God.
  • Abstain from worry and anxiety; Rest in the love and care of God.
  • Abstain from depending on our own strength; Rely on God’s transforming power.

In relation to OTHERS:

  • Abstain from judging others; Look for Christ living in them.
  • Abstain from words that tear down; Use words that build up.
  • Abstain from self-concerns only; Exercise compassion to care for others.
  • Abstain from idle gossip; Find ways to encourage those in need.

In relation to SELF:

  • Abstain from discontentment; Count our blessings with gratitude to God.
  • Abstain from the pain of bitterness; Experience the peace of forgiveness.
  • Abstain from thoughts that discourage; Trust in God’s promises that inspire.
  • Abstain from concentrating on problems; Turn to God in prayer that strengthens.

Growing in Christlikeness is a lifelong journey. Let us encourage one another in growing in Christ together.

Pastor John

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