28 May 2023

A lady was advising me to not eat more than two eggs per week. She cited her doctor, supposedly a consultant, for advising that. I eat more than 20 eggs per week. I ignored her ill-informed advice but also amused at the lack of knowledge of a “consultant doctor.”

Granted there was a time when people mistakenly believed that you could ingest cholesterol through eggs orally. This was debunked eons ago. Yet, there are still doctors telling people to avoid eggs. Eggs, incidentally, are a ‘super food’ that is high in a lot of nutrients.

There are always lessons and knowledge that we learnt over the years. As time goes by, situations and technology change. It only gets faster as we move on ahead. Things that were once familiar are now becoming obsolete, for example – coinaphones. Someday even cash will become obsolete.

In short, we must keep learning and improving. Our knowledge base will grow old and outdated as more research data becomes available. There is no place for complacency. Staying put is in reality regressing. Progress or be left behind. And this is coming at you and me at a speed that is unimaginable. It will drive all of us mad.

Brothers and sisters, what is in store in the future if this is the case? Can we even catch up? Will we run out of breath before we catch up or keep getting dragged along? That will likely be the case if we do not have the anchor in our lives. The anchor, my friends, is the Word of God – Jesus Christ. He is the sure and steadfast rock that holds our lives steady. He will never change and is totally trustworthy.

It is time for us, brothers and sisters, to be clear of our beliefs, our stand in Jesus Christ. Without Jesus, we will be left chasing the wind. We will never win. With Jesus, we will be victorious. The world will try to tell us that it is folly to follow Jesus. The reality is that following Jesus is the only way to remain sane and victorious.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong

一名女士建议我在一个星期内不能吃超过两个鸡蛋。她引述她的医生(应该是一名顾问医生)的话向我建议。 我一个星期内吃超过20个鸡蛋。我无视她无知的言论但同时也很惊讶一名 “顾问医生” 的学识不足。







Barry Leong

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