30 Aug 2020

Dear family in Christ

Our Diocesan Bishop Rennis Ponniah retires officially in September 2020. There will be a livestreaming Thanksgiving service this Sunday 30 August, where Bp Rennis will hand over the pastoral staff to the Vicar-General Bp Low Jee King. The consecration and enthronement of Bishop-designate Canon Titus Chung will be on 18 October.

At the August 2020 issue of Diocesan Digest, Bp Rennis shared these words from his heart:

I step down from office with a grateful and joyful heart….. but I will, in the grace of God, continue to minister under the authority of the new diocesan bishop and support his leadership as best as I can. Pray for me and Amir as we settle into a new role and a new season in our lives. We thank the Lord for each one of you and the marvellous run we have had over the last eight years. Thank you for your love and support and the joy of serving the Lord together. The race is not over yet. The Lord is worthy of a Church on the front foot. There is a world to win for Christ…”

We thank the Lord for the godly life and faithful ministry of Bp Rennis and his loving supportive wife, Amir. All praise and thanks be to God.

Pastor John

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