30 Jun 2019

Dear family in Christ

We thank the Lord for our brother Lawrence Mun, who retires from official church employment on 30 June 2019. Lawrence has served faithfully as a full-time pastoral staff since March 2006 across three congregations at the Hokkien, Cantonese and Mandarin services. God has used Lawrence in his pastoral ministry to touch many lives through his evangelism, pastoral care, preaching & teaching and his mission trips to ChiangMai, Batam and MaeSot. Two key highlights of his ministry life were (1) the pioneering of the Cantonese service at SJCp in 2002 as a lay leader (together with sister Janet Woo), and (2) his pastoral care support for the Chinese outreach work at Kuwait (2009-2014).

Upon his retirement, Lawrence plans to devote more time with his wife Jemimah and family (especially his grandson), spend time on his hobbies and volunteer work and also continue serving in church lay leadership and teaching ministry. There will be a Thanksgiving Retirement lunch after the Mandarin service on 7 July (Sunday) in appreciation and thanks for the ministry of pastor Lawrence. We wish him every blessing in Christ and a blessed restful retirement.

Some of you would have met our church missionaries, Gerry and Yahui Gan, and their children at our church services in the past two weeks. Having served faithfully for 7 years at ChiangMai in church planting work under the deanery of Thailand, they are now on a three-month sabbatical from 1 June to 31 August. The month of June was spent mainly on physical rest and family time. For July and August, Gerry and Yahui will undergo three sabbatical components: (1) missionary life coaching by former missionaries and professional coach-couple John & Song Lim, (2) missional vocation reflection with Bp Kuan, (3) ministry training at St James’ Church Kindergarten. Value your prayers for a restful, fruitful and meaningful sabbatical for Gerry and Yahui.


Pastor John

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