30 Oct 2022

It was painful for me to see members burying their heads on their phone playing mobile games before the morning service starts. The church was full of people, yet only a few were interacting meaningfully while the rest were like the new perennial monkey – “speak nothing, see nothing, and hear nothing” – burying their heads in their phones. No! They were not preparing their hearts for the worship of God. If anything, they wish they were not there and somewhere else indulging in their fantasies.

Yes, I know that you are going to say that I am going on my perpetual complain about using the mobile phones. No, I am not against the using of the phone as a tool. I am against a new form of addiction, that cannot be enforced like abuse of drugs or gambling. I know that parents lament their inability to ‘control’ their children doing so. Well, the first thing is to start controlling themselves.

I hope I am wrong in this prediction of the future. But I am quite sure that many children, especially boys, will grow up to regret their indulgence in mobile gaming. They will not do well in their education, and their focus is perpetually elsewhere. Addiction in any form – drugs, vaping, mobile gaming – will one day destroy your health, family and career. Shout all you want for the government to ‘protect’ your job. It won’t happen. The global competition had started long before and it is not going to stop. Be good enough or be disqualified. You had your chance for a head start, destroy it at your own peril. Start to think and refocus your direction and life. Do not give the silly excuse of stress. With good planning and consultation with those who gone before, difficulties can be managed.

Most importantly, we have the Almighty God who is our father in heaven. He will lead and guide us, if we are willing to spend the time listening to him instead of the heart trumping sounds of mobile games.

Brothers and sisters, neglect God at your own risk. All I can say to you is the it is not worth it. Love God and Him alone, and you will find true joy, peace and love.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong

每当我看见会友在上午的崇拜开始前埋头于手机游戏,确实令我心痛。教会虽有很多人,但是只有一些人会用心的彼此沟通,而其他的却像新版的三不猴(perennial monkey)——“非礼勿言,非礼勿视、非礼勿听”—— 将他们的头都埋在手机里。没有!他们并没有预备自己的心敬拜上帝。或者,他们甚至希望自己并不在场而是在别处沉溺在他们的梦幻中。






Barry Leong

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