4 Jun 2023

I must admit that I love to watch Thai advertisements. They are really creative and even educational at times. The recent one that I watched was about a landlady and her “unreasonable” actions towards the tenants. In one scene, she even threw and broke the weighing scales used by a tenant. Unfortunately, these “unreasonable” actions were videoed by some passerby and uploaded into the various social media platforms. Many criticisms / comments were posted and without exceptions were negative towards the landlady. Then the scenes turned to show the truth about what the landlady was doing. Her breaking of the weighing scales was because of her warning to the tenant not to use dishonest scales. As he did not learn from the warning, she threw and broke those scales. She was actually a kind, helpful and honest person who went around to help the poor and needy. Contrast that with the portrayal in social media platforms. What you see is not what is reality.

The various social platforms are dangerous places. Used correctly they are good platforms for interactions with friends or even work. Most times, however, they are already being misused. They become sources of misinformation. People forwarding information without verifying them, causing even greater confusion. It is worse when the one forwarding the messages is someone of repute. There are those whose whole life story can be found in their social media account. All the laws, PDPA whatsoever, will not help you when someone wants to use that knowledge about you for dubious purposes. It is a dangerous world out there, both physical and cyber. Be careful my friends. As I am writing this. I saw messages coming in about a former military colleague passing on. All kind of condolences were pouring in. Then someone called the family and found that it was not true. It is a cruel and terrible prank by someone.

Brothers and sisters, be wise. Do not trust any information via such platforms without verifying. Do not forward any message without verifying. Well, you get my drift.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong





Barry Leong

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