6 & 7 Oct 2018

Dear family in Christ

It is that time of the year again. Shopping malls are less crowded. Sales of vitamins increases. Playgrounds and parks are quieter. Anxiety levels of many parents go up. Yes, it is October exam fever in Singapore. Many children and young people experience great pressure and deep anxiety to perform well in school and get good grades.

How can we as Christian parents and the church family be an encouragement, support and help to our children to alleviate their pressure and stress and to help them grow into resilient, mature and secure adults?

  1. Teach our children on the value of hard work, perseverance and resilience, motivating them to do their best and learning to cope with failure.
  2. Encourage our children to look out for their classmates who need help, support and encouragement in their studies or family/friendship issues.
  3. Remind our children that academic exams cannot measure their good character, special gifts (talents) and their compassion and care for others.
  4. Assure our children that our love for them is unconditional and unchanging, regardless of their study grades or school performance.
  5. Anchor our children in the love and grace of God and find their true worth, deep joy and spiritual identity in Jesus Christ.

As we await eagerly for the Return of Jesus Christ, let us keep our children’s educational life with the right perspective and priority. Let us be mindful of the things that really matter in the light of eternity: (1) Relationship with God, (2) Salvation of souls, and (3) Glory of God.


Pastor John

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