8 Dec 2019

Dear family in Christ

I request your prayers for the nation of Vietnam, a dynamic growing country with a population of 96.8 million. Young people are pre-dominant, with 60% of the population below age 40. There are 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam, with the majority group being Vietnamese Kinh (84%). The main religion is Buddhism (52.5%), while those professing to be non-religious is at 23.3%. The number of Protestant Christians is at 1.8%.

The mission of the Deanery of Vietnam is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and to plant the future Diocese of Vietnam. Our strategy and goal is to plant ten congregations in the major cities of Vietnam, and for them to grow into parishes, led by indigenous clergy and lay leadership. Currently, there are two Anglican congregations. Church of Christ our Hope was planted at Ho Chi Minh in 2009 and Church of The True Light planted at Hanoi in 2012.

Praise God for an increasing openness to the gospel among a people with deep spiritual allegiance to ancestor veneration and worship. Pray for the gospel to reach every people group in Vietnam, for the clergy to shepherd God’s people lovingly and for the lay leaders and church members to grow in committed discipleship and proclaim the gospel faithfully. Leadership training and development is vital. Do pray for a generation of young people to be godly committed disciples of Jesus Christ.

Pastor John

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