9 July 2023

A son asked his father a question. “Three frogs were sitting by the pond. One frog decided to jump into the pond. How many frogs were left at the side of the pond?” The father replied: “Two.” “Wrong!” The son replied. The father quickly said: “Ah! I know, it’s none left. Because the other two followed the example of the first frog.” “Wrong again! The answer is three,” said the son “a decision remains a decision until the action is carried out.”

So often we have many things that we want to do but had been pushing them back for one reason or another. But we know deep within us that the delays were cause mainly by our commitment to them. We have all the good intentions to do so. Only problem is that good intention remains good intention. It is not put into action. We give ourselves too many excuses, so much so that nothing moves.

There are many of us who long for a deep relationship with the Lord. But often the cares and worries of the world stop us from doing so. However, relationship with the passing temporal things of the world seems to be able to proceed on without deterrence. I wonder if we had taken the gift of eternal life too lightly, and so do not treasure it. Eternal life was freely given, but God had to pay an extremely heavy price for us.

We must not take it for granted. Remember that nobody wins a prize without completing the race. To complete the race is not that difficult either. We just need to cling close to the Lord. He did not say that we cannot enjoy the things of the world. We just need to put some priority into knowing God in a more intimate way. Building relationship needs both hands to clap. God is always doing His part. The question is, therefore, are we doing our part?

Let us make a full commitment and put that into action. Stop making excuses. Trust and obey is the only way to cling tightly to Jesus. We need to stop enjoying the heavy yoke, and start to enjoy the light and easy yoke of Jesus.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong







Barry Leong

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