9 Oct 2022

Shortly after I started on my sabbatical leave, the government implemented a circuit breaker because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Just before that I was exercising quite vigorously everyday clocking about seven to nine kilometres each day. With the circuit breaker, everybody must wear a mask. To be sure I was quite irritated with that idea. How am I going to continue my vigorously workouts with the mask? (Spoiler: One of my personal sabbatical goals was lose six kilograms and bring “six friends” back.)

An idea struck me as I sat there moping. Athletes had always wore masks to train to simulate high attitude’s thin atmosphere. That made the training a lot more difficult. Immediately I decided that I cannot change the situation, but I can change myself. I continued my everyday workout with a re-usable mask on. Yes, it was more difficult, but it paid off. I reached my goals in a shorter time and felt much better that I could do it.

Our Christian life will need us to persevere on in spite of all difficulties to live a good life. Of course, it is much easier to listen to some “famous” preachers and believe that we need not do so. Regardless of how much money you ‘donated’ to them, you will not go to heaven on their teachings. It is more likely that you will end up in hell. Living a life that glorifies God in an era that is evil and against God is very difficult. Just staying away from the mobile phone for slightly more than an hour to worship God collectively is already very difficult for many; and you want to talk about real sacrifice?

There are many who read the bible and find some part of it difficult to follow. Credit to some, they soldiered on. There are others who will just ignore them and live a truncated gospel. Still others will try to explain away or even change the meaning totally just to feel that they are living the full gospel (think prosperity gospel, or cheap grace).

Brothers and sisters, persevere on and fight the good fight till the end. There is no easy way in this era, only holding on to the truth of Scripture.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong

当我开始我的安息年假期不久,政府就因为2019年的冠状病毒疫情而实行了阻断措施。在这之前,我每天都勤力作运动,一天能建走七到九公里。因为阻断措施,每个人都一定要戴上口罩,其实我对这个要求是感到相当烦躁的。我戴上口罩又怎么能继续勤力作锻炼呢?(泄密警告:我其中一个安息年的个人目标是要减去六公斤并寻回  “六个朋友”)。






Barry Leong

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