Walking in the Light
Pastor Fu-man 15/03/2020 - Download
You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain
Revd John Lin 08/03/2020 Commandments #3 Download
3 Tests
Revd Bernard Yee 01/03/2020 - Download
You shall not make for yourself an idol
Revd John Lin 23/02/2020 Commandments #2 Download
But our Eyes are on You
Revd John Lin 16/02/2020 - Download
Numbering our days, Walking with wisdom
Revd John Lin 09/02/2020 - Download
See the amazing work of God
Pastor Richard Ting 02/02/2020 - Download
The source of all blessings
Ds Lena Lim 26/01/2020 - Download
You shall have no other gods before me
Revd John Lin 19/01/2020 Commandments #1 Download
Living the Ten Commandments in the 21st Century
Revd John Lin 12/01/2020 Epiphany 1 Download
We will serve the Lord
Revd John Lin 05/01/2020 Covenant Download
Give thanks with a grateful heart
Revd John Lin 29/12/2019 - Download
Jesus, the Hope of Christmas
Revd John Lin 25/12/2019 Christmas Download
Sing Christmas
Revd Lawrence Seow 22/12/2019 Advent 4 Download
A Follower and A Forerunner
Pastor Fu-man 15/12/2019 Advent 3 Download
Ds Lena Lim 08/12/2019 Advent 2 Download
No other name but the name of Jesus
Revd John Lin 01/12/2019 Advent 1 Download
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