03 July 2022

I was having dinner at a coffeeshop nearby home. I ordered the food and proceeded to get a seat somewhere. Much to my surprise, there were houseflies all over the coffeeshop and the tables. Why was I surprised? This scene brought me back to the days in the 60s and 70s. With the strict cleanliness laws in Singapore, especially at F&B areas, such amount of houseflies is unheard of. More interesting is the oblivious attitude to the presence of those houseflies. My feeling is that the present young generation does not know the danger of diseases spread by houseflies. What about the older ones? They probably forgot the lessons from the past and desensitized to the surrounding already. Too much faith in the healthcare system in the country.

The situation in the world is definitely getting more complicated. In a way, it is becoming more evil but less obvious. We are too ‘sanitized’ and, therefore, oblivious to the ills in society. No, it is not just from the Christian perspective. Like I say, it is less obvious because we choose “not to see it.” We do not have a problem of hunger in the world, we have the problem of obesity. If we are more willing to share, then both problems can be solved. A certain country can give billions of dollars to another for war but is unable to provide adequate funding to help its own people in crisis. They create troubles in other areas in the world but sells terrible lies and dream to their own people. Unfortunately, many believed them, mainly due to the fact of the great “I” that matters. The world can only solve problems when they really look at humanity as the image of God and return to truth. Then we will have a better world.

Brothers and sisters, in the smaller context – our church and community – we must not be ignorant of the evil that lures in our lives and surroundings. Keep in line with God (by understanding the teachings of Christ through the reading of the bible), put them in to action and keep at it. Our Christian lives, Church and Community will then be one that glorifies God.

God bless.

In Christ’s service,
Barry Leong





Barry Leong

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