09 May 2021

Dear church family

During such difficult challenging times of Covid-19 pandemic in Singapore and all around the world, especially in India now, let us join our hearts in crying out to the Lord in fervent prayers for His grace and mercy.

  1. Pray for our Singapore government and all world governments.
    May government heads and decision-makers have the wisdom and courage in making wise and right decisions to protect and help the people.
  2. Pray for healthcare workers at the forefront of this pandemic.
    May they be well protected physically, sustained emotionally, supported socially and strengthened spiritually in their courage and labour.
  3. Pray for healing of the infected sick and their families.
    May those who are infected recover well with sufficient hospital resource support and may their families experience comfort and peace in their hearts.
  4. Pray for the scientists and researchers.
    May they have good knowledge in the continual process of developing effective vaccines and medication, even as the virus mutates around the world.
  5. Pray for God’s salvation grace.
    May many people hear the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ and call upon His name and be saved, and receive the gift of eternal life.
  6. Pray for God’s sovereign mercy.
    Let us plead for God’s mercy that in His sovereign power and will, his purposes will be fulfilled through this pandemic and there may be an end to much suffering.

Lord, have mercy on us.

Pastor John

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