1 & 2 Sept 2018

Dear church family

My son was very excited to have the opportunity to cook a meal for his teachers in school last Wednesday. As the school chaplain, I attended St Margaret’s school Teachers’ Day Appreciation high tea last Thursday. This is the time of the year where we remember and appreciate those who teach and influence lives, not only those in the public sphere, but also in our church family.

1. Teachers in our Children’s ministry

We want to appreciate and thank the many committed brothers and sisters who teach the Word of God to the children in our church faithfully and sacrificially. It is a vital and significant ministry in coming alongside the parents in building a strong faith foundation in the hearts of the children and in exemplifying wise godly values for daily living. We appreciate their labour and their love for the children.

2. Those who teach God’s Word at the various church ministries

We thank the Lord for those who study the Word of God diligently and share it joyfully with those amongst whom they serve, be it their Cell members, chaplaincy ministry, BB boys, GB girls, youths, young adults, elderly, etc. It is a labour of love which will bear much fruit in growing the spiritual life of the listeners and proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ.

3. Those who teach vocationally in the ‘Marketplace’

In our church family, we have quite a number of brothers and sisters who are teachers in heart, working and serving at various spheres and institutions such as childcare, pre-school, primary & secondary schools, tertiary institutions, special needs, etc. Let us remember them in prayer for God’s strength, purpose and wisdom in their teaching vocation as they influence and impact lives with the love of God and as they shine brightly for Jesus Christ in the marketplace.


Blessings in Christ
Pastor John

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