10 & 11 Nov 2018

Dear family in Christ

From 13th to 25th November, bishop Kuan Kim Seng will lead a team of 24 participants (13 from St John’s Chapel) to Israel for the Shoresh Israel Study tour. Pls uphold the study group in prayer for journey mercies and a fruitful time of good learning and spiritual growth as they focus on “The Life and World of Jesus, our Messiah”.

Romans chapters 9 to 11 are significant Bible passages for a clear theological and biblical understanding concerning the remnant of Israel and the salvation of ethnic Jewish people. Let me summarise the key points as follows:

  1. Israel, who was God’s sovereign choice and an elected people belonging to God, had received all the promises of God. (Rom 9:1-21)
  2. God had prepared Israel, through prophets Hosea and Isaiah, that belonging to God’s family was not simply a matter of biological heritage.    (Rom 9:22-29)
  3. God’s patient grief for Israel because of her unbelief (hardened hearts of unbelieving Jewish majority who pursued righteousness by works (Law), and her rejection of Jesus as the promised Messiah and divine Son of God (“stumbling stone”). (Rom 9:30 – 10:21)
  4. God remains faithful to His covenant and has not rejected his people, Israel. By the grace of God, there is a Jewish remnant, who by faith believed in Jesus, the crucified and risen Messiah of Israel. (Rom 11:1-10)
  5. Salvation has come to the Gentiles, so as to make Israel jealous”. With the Gentiles (“wild olive shoots”) being grafted into the cultivated Olive tree (Israel) by their faith in Jesus Messiah, this would provoke many Jewish people to think seriously, turn to Jesus and believe in Him too. (Rom 11:11-22)
  6. When the “fullness of the Gentiles has come in”, the “Deliverer will come from Zion” to bring restoration and salvation to the Jewish people (“all Israel shall be saved”). The broken natural branches (unbelieving Jewish majority) will be grafted back into the Olive tree because they believed in Jesus Messiah by faith. (Rom 11:23-32)

As we discern God’s sovereign timing and keep watch eagerly for the signs of the End Times and the impending Return of Jesus our Messiah, let us proclaim the good news of the gospel whenever any opportunity arises, especially during the coming season of Advent and Christmas. Let us pray for active outreach and evangelism ministries to Jewish people in Israel and many parts of the world, and let us uphold Messianic Jews in prayer for strong faith and spiritual maturity.


Pastor John

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