10 Mar 2019

Dear family in Christ

I call upon St John’s Chapel community to serve the Lord as USHERS in welcoming and guiding people to their seats on 19 May Sunday morning rally at Celebration of Hope. Your smile, help and welcome will bear a wonderful testimony for Jesus to many non-Christian invited guests.

Heartfelt thanks to the 70 church volunteers who have signed up till date. We need another 50 more, so that we can cover our assigned area effectively. It will be such a wonderful joy to serve the Lord’s kingdom work together.

You can register as an Usher at this weblink  http://cathedral.celebrationofhope.sg/register  You need to provide the following info during registration: St John’s Chapel; part of a group;  Lawrence Mun (group Leader); Usher (Interior).

We look forward to much tears of joy when we witness thousands responding to the gospel call to believe and follow Jesus Christ, in whom we have the joy of salvation and the hope of eternal life.

Let us continue to be steadfast and fervent in our prayers for the gracious salvation work of God in many lives.


Pastor John

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