11 Jun 2023

Elon Musk, one of present time greatest entrepreneur, gave an exclusive interview to a news reporter. The background to this was that he sent messages on some of his views on several issues via Twitter. The messages got on the nerve of quite many people and there was a backlash of negative comments. The reporter asked him during the interview if he would still send those messages had he consider the negative feelings that he will stir up. His reply was: “I don’t care. If speaking the truth meant that I will lose some money, so be it. I will still say what I think is truth.”

The world had gotten to be very sensitive over many issues, especially in the so-called Western “free world”. People get offended as long as what you say does not agree with their point of view. Right or wrong does not matter. As long as you are not in agreement with them, then they will come after you. Because of such behaviours, people stay away from speaking what they feel is truth. Western politicians are very apt in avoiding the truth so that their votes will not be affected.

To make matters worse is the chasing after ‘likes and views’ in their posts in the various social media platforms. A young man posted many hate speeches, even though he said they were wrong in an interview, on those platforms because ‘likes and views’ are all he is interested in.

Christians have the truth of God. The question is how many of us are actively telling people about it. Or are we too afraid that we may be ‘attacked’ by people who do not like to hear the truth about their future dire condition and the only solution. Being afraid to tell others about the truth of Jesus Christ is bad enough. Not convicted of the truth ourselves is worse. What can we share if we are not convicted of Jesus Christ ourselves? If that is the case, what are we doing in church ‘praising and worshipping’ God? Are we kidding ourselves?

Brothers and sisters in Christ, it can be said that we are in the last days. It will only become more difficult to believe in Jesus Christ, let alone share with others. Let us stand firm in our belief of Jesus Christ for our salvation and eternal life. Do not lose sight on this last stretch.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong







Barry Leong

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