12 May 2019

Dear family in Christ

We are 5 days away from Celebration of Hope. There is an exciting expectancy of seeing God at work in the lives of thousands of people gathering at the National Stadium to hear the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Let us join our hearts and hands together to:

  1. PRAY: May the Holy Spirit minister deeply in every heart with the grace and mercy of God through the various evangelist speakers. May we rejoice greatly for the bountiful harvest of souls entering the kingdom of God.
  2. BRING: We give thanks to God for our family, friends, colleagues and neighbours who have responded “yes” to attend the rallies. May their hearts be open to believe and follow Jesus Christ our Saviour.
  3. SERVE: What a great joy to see 120 members of St John’s Chapel serving together as Ushers on 19 May Sunday morning rally. May our latreuo-worship of God in joyfully serving Him bring honour and glory to the Lord.
  4. WELCOME: We look forward with joy and excitement to welcome new believers joining our church community, especially at the Welcome Tea on Sunday 26 May after the service. May they feel at home and welcomed as they experience the love of God.


Pastor John

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