10 May 2020

Dear family in Christ

In the Fifth Commandment, the Lord commanded his people to “honour your father and your mother” (Exodus 20:12). This weekend, Mother’s Day is commemorated all around the world. It is a day set aside to remember, honour and thank our mothers for all their labour, love and sacrifice.

As God’s people, what can we do to edify and encourage the mothers in our church community or in your family?

  1. PRAY:  Coming alongside the mothers in regular prayer support goes a long way to give renewal of strength in their mothering responsibilities. Through prayer, the mums look to God and depend on Him for His grace and wisdom. To know that someone is keeping them in prayer means alot to them as they toil faithfully.
  2. ENCOURAGE:  Appropriate words of encouragement spoken at the opportune time can uplift and strengthen the hearts of mothers, especially if they are experiencing struggles and stress in their life. To “encourage” means to “give courage”. Many times, mothers really need the courage to persevere on in the midst of their difficulties.
  3. LISTEN:  Be ready with a listening ear to hear the cry of their hearts for their children, elderly parents & marriage and their struggle to keep a healthy work-life balance. Their problems may not be solved immediately, but your presence and care will help to ease their pain and lighten their heavy burdens.
  4. HELP:  Do offer your help in practical ways. It can be giving a helping hand in church when any need arises. It can be looking after their young children, so that they can have a good rest at home or they can serve in church ministry. Being there for them in practical ways will be a great help and blessing.

Praying and wishing all mothers a Blessed Mother’s Day.

Pastor John

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