15 Nov 2020

Dear family in Christ

This weekend, we commemorate Diocesan Missions Sunday. It is the time of the year that we bring our focus to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. The Church has a clear missional calling from the Lord to proclaim the gospel faithfully. The Diocese of Singapore has ecclesiastical responsibility in the six deanery countries of Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam. By God’ grace and help, we proclaim the gospel and aim to plant dioceses in these countries.

Pls access and read the Diocesan Mission Annual Report 2020 at  https://bit.ly/missionsunday

  1. Pls see the prayer pointers for each deanery and seek your fervent prayers.
  2. As the Lord enables, pls give unto the Lord towards the Diocesan Mission Fund for the purpose of church planting work in these six deaneries.
  • If writing a cheque, pls put payee name as “Diocese of Singapore” and write “For Diocesan Mission Fund” at the back of the cheque.
  • If giving by internet banking, pls indicate the words “For Diocesan Mission Fund”.

We give thanks to God for people from every nation, tribe and language coming to salvation faith in Jesus. Let us pray for the continual faithful proclamation of the gospel in these six deanery countries and for growth in spiritual maturity of God’s people in committed discipleship.

Praise the Lord for his goodness and faithfulness to the St Margaret’s School family as she celebrates her 178th anniversary on 16 November. The Lord has given St John’s Chapel a wonderful mission harvest field right at our doorstep. Our grateful thanks to brothers and sisters in Christ who serve faithfully in the various areas of school chaplaincy work. May we always be found faithful in the proclamation of the gospel.

Pastor John

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