15 Sep 2019

Dear family in Christ

A very warm welcome to Dr David & Mrs Deborah Miller to be with our St John’s Chapel community. We are glad and privileged to hear the teaching of God’s Word at the teaching seminar “Why Israel? And why does it matter?” and also his preaching at both English services.

Dr Miller has recently published his new book “Lord of the Nations: The Big Picture of Scripture”, which is available for purchase after the church service. This book addresses the critical issue and significant question of how every believer should read the Bible. Dr Miller shows how the Bible is one glorious narrative of God’s unchanging character and his merciful hand working throughout history till the present and to the end of time, as demonstrated through his relationship with the nations of the world, especially Israel.

Dr David & Mrs Deborah Miller have been a wonderful blessing to the Diocese of Singapore through their teaching and fellowship, especially for their missional teaching ministry at the deaneries of Thailand, Nepal and Vietnam. I am so glad and appreciate their multiple trips to both Anglican churches at Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh this year to teach God’s Word and edify the Body of Christ at Vietnam.

As we grow deeper in understanding God’s Word and know intimately the God of Scripture, may our hands continue to plough in the harvest of souls and may our hearts be ever ready for the soon and coming Return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor John

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