20 & 21 Oct 2018

Dear family in Christ

An essential mark of spiritual maturity is the commitment to a life of prayerfulness. What happens when God’s people gather to pray together?

In his book “Praying together: Equipping small groups to grow their prayer potential”, Dr Allan Harkness listed six benefits of corporate prayer:

  1. Expression of community between God & people, and between people themselves.
  2. Sense of belonging where Christians know that they are “at home”.
  3. Provision of a setting to see God to work at transforming His people.
  4. Process of growth in spiritual maturity and committed discipleship.
  5. Careful and sensitive listening to God and to one another.
  6. Missional focus to see and respond to God’s heart of salvation for a fallen world.

I encourage everyone to gather for Church Corporate Prayer meeting on every second Friday (Mandarin) and on every last Friday (English). There is tremendous potential when prayer and the church (at congregation level and at Cells & small groups) are integrated. A church that prays together stands in unity together, love one another and reaches out with the gospel together.

I call upon God’s people to gather at our annual Diocesan Day of Prayer and Fasting on 3 November, Saturday 9am to 12 noon, at St Andrew’s Cathedral. The prayer theme is “Let the gospel light shine!”. Let us lift our eyes and see that the fields are white for harvest. Let us gather to pray to the Lord of the harvest to send forth labourers for the harvest. Let us seek God for a powerful work of the Holy Spirit in our lives and in His Church for the proclamation of the gospel in Singapore and the world.


Pastor John

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