20 Oct 2019

Dear family in Christ

Since February 2013, sister Elizabeth Joseph has been an integral part of our school chaplaincy staff team, being seconded to us by her sending church ACTS centre (St Andrew’s Cathedral). ACTS centre is embarking into a new season in their church life and plans to recall Elizabeth back for church ministry from 1 November 2019 onwards. We are very thankful to God for his gracious provision through the kindness and generosity of the clergy and lay leadership of ACTS centre these past seven years.

Elizabeth has been God’s blessing to the school chaplaincy work and to the church staff team. Many young lives in the school have been ministered by her faithful ministry through her teaching, counselling, helping and befriending. Many girls in the Girls’ Brigade have also been blessed by her leadership and fellowship. Our church staff team have received help, fellowship, encouragement and friendship from Elizabeth over the years.

We give thanks to God for Elizabeth and we pray for God’s continual grace, strength and wisdom upon her as we wish her every joy and fruitfulness in her life and ministry for the Lord.

Blessings in Christ
Pastor John

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