31 Oct 2021

Dear family in Christ I was browsing a copy of the Vietnamese-English devotional by Our Daily Bread Ministries this week and came across this encouraging devotional written by Ms Marion Stroud. I [...]

24 Oct 2021

Dear family in Christ As we see the gracious salvation plan in the missional heart of God, may we be a missional church of Spirit-filled committed disciples of Jesus Christ, always ready to take [...]

17 Oct 2021

Dear family in Christ In our Singapore Anglican diocese, we have many platforms and opportunities in the medical, nursing, elderly and community services to show the love of God and share the [...]

10 Oct 2021

Dear family in Christ Many countries in the world celebrate Children’s Day, a time we remember the worth, significance and dignity of children. In Singapore, it is celebrated on the first or [...]

03 Oct 2021

Dear family in Christ Have you ever wondered how our fellow Christian brothers and sisters around the world are coping with the Covid-19 pandemic? May I encourage you to read some Covid-related [...]

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