31 Jul 2022

I was observing a beautiful little toddler learning to walk under the watchful eyes of the father. She took a couple of steps and fell down. The father just looks at her and she stood up by [...]

24 Jul 2022

Every other month an organisation will come to my neighbourhood to collect old items for recycling. I did not participate in it thus far although it was as easy as putting them just outside your [...]

17 Jul 2022

One of the most recent debates is that of increasing GST. As usual, some advocate no increase but wants more pay-out, and no good solution for the government to work on. It is always easy to gain [...]

10 Jul 2022

I was having dinner one evening at a food court. The cleaner lady came by and asked the people sitting at the other table if she could clear the empty plates. They waved their hands sort of [...]

03 July 2022

I was having dinner at a coffeeshop nearby home. I ordered the food and proceeded to get a seat somewhere. Much to my surprise, there were houseflies all over the coffeeshop and the tables. Why [...]

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