28 Aug 2022

The latest talking point is all about the repealing of section 377A. Churches are spending their time talking and talking and talking. They talk as if the end of the world is at hand because of [...]

21 Aug 2022

While waiting to cross the road, a pretty young thing walked to my side. She was also waiting to cross the road. Next thing I saw was smoke coming out of her mouth, but she did not have a [...]

14 Aug 2022

A “hyper spiritual” person spoke to me about training the spirit was enough to keep ‘fit’. Only the spirit was important, others were secondary. Then another friend barged in the conversation and [...]

7 Aug 2022

Some years ago, I overheard a mother encouraging her young boy to pursue his dreams. “Do not let anyone stop you,” she said. “You must live your life and fulfil your dreams — marry the girl [...]

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