21 Jun 2020

Dear family in Christ

We thank the Lord for his help and guidance for our church AGM process as we culminate proceedings at the virtual AGM on 21 June (2 pm). A word of thanks to the AGM taskforce and to the 273 electoral roll members who submitted your AGM proxy voting form and to the 45 participants at the pre-AGM Town Hall discussion meeting. Let us continue looking to God for his gracious sovereign hand as we journey together in discipleship and serve God’s purposes in the work of his eternal kingdom.

Our grateful thanks to the committed team of brothers and sisters who had served faithfully in the Parochial Church Council (PCC). A great majority will continue serving for the new PCC term 2020-2021. This provides good continuity and stability in the lay leadership team. We welcome a new PCC member, brother George Chen (Mandarin congregation), to serve with us. A special note of thankful appreciation to brother Peter Soon and brother David Lui for their steadfast faithful ministry service for many years. They will “retire” as our church Synod representatives and will continue serving in other areas of church ministry.

As Singapore enters Phase Two of Safe Reopening, we have just received the latest advisory from Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth providing rules and guidelines for churches and also the advisory from our diocese Covid-19 taskforce. Together with the staff team and PCC, we will study both advisories carefully and implement safe and appropriate measures in the gradual resumption of church services, activities and meetings. Value your prayers for God’s wisdom and help.

Let us focus on our mission and purpose in the journey ahead as God’s people in his kingdom. Let us be God’s living church in these Last Days. As we see the gracious salvation plan in the missional heart of God, may we be a missional church of Spirit-filled committed disciples of Jesus Christ, always ready to take the gospel to the nations and eagerly awaiting the Return of the King, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Pastor John

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