22 Sep 2019

Dear family in Christ

We thank the Lord for our church missionaries, called by God to bring the gospel of Jesus our Messiah to various ethnic people groups. Pls remember them regularly in prayer, give them a call, write an email or send a card to encourage them in their ministry.

  1. Ian & Alison Gosling – They have been serving faithfully and strategically under a foreign missions agency. Ian provides significant IT training and development for this agency’s mission outreach around the world. At the Goslings’ current ministry station, they are reaching out to displaced refugees with the love of God. Pls pray for Ian and Alison’s health as they serve the Lord’s purposes.
  2. Gerry & Ya Hui Gan – Having served faithfully in church planting work for 7 years at ChiangMai under the deanery of Thailand, praise the Lord that they had a good sabbatical rest and reflection in Singapore recently. They have resumed ministry work on 1 September. Pls pray for God’s grace, wisdom and strength upon Gerry & Ya Hui as they persevere on in their missional ministry among the Thai people.
  3. Deborah Loh – She had been back home in Singapore since October 2018 under Overseas Missionary Fellowship Admin Leave of Absence to care for her father, who went home to be with the Lord last month. There is a tentative plan for Deborah to return to the OMF mission field at Bangkok in early 2020. Pls pray for her to receive the four clearances required by OMF, especially in the area of financial support.

Our church practises the two-envelope giving system. The first is the Tithing envelope. All tithes returned to the Lord go to the General Fund, which is used to pay staff salaries, ministry expenses, diocese quota, giving to parachurch organisations like Singapore Youth For Christ (for support of Wang Qiu Yue and Chloe Ong) and Youth Guidance Outreach Services (for support of Goh Boon Siong and Tan Xing Wei), etc.

The second is the Freewill giving envelope. This giving goes to the Mission Fund, which is used to support the above-mentioned missionaries, Komering outreach, plus ad-hoc giving to diocese deanery work and other missions work as led by the Lord. Our Mission Fund currently stands at $11,667 as at 31 August 2019. As the Lord enables, may I encourage us to give cheerfully and generously for the work of God’s eternal kingdom.

Pastor John

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